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Thai massage was created on the basis of Indian Ayurvedic medicine more than 2500 years ago. In fact, Thai massage is a treatment method implemented by stimulating biologically active points and a set of exercises borrowed from the practice of yoga.

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The historical center of development of traditional Thai medicine and the school of “royal” Thai massage has become since its founding in the seventeenth century, the temple of Wat Po, located in Bangkok. The practitioners and custodians of the tradition of Thai massage at that time were Buddhist monks. In the temple of Wat Po and now there is a state center for learning traditional Thai massage.

According to the existing set of rules, each massage therapist must live and practice medicine in accordance with the provisions included in the “code of ethics of the practicing healer”.

In abbreviated form, the practitioner’s healer’s code looks like this:

Follow the purity of tradition. This means that massage should be done only in a specially equipped place, and the price for a massage should be fair.
Striving for continuous improvement of their own massage skills.
Duty to be humble.

In addition, before and after a Thai massage session, the therapist should say a prayer of thanks to the founder of Thai massage, Dr. Schiwago. The image of the healer Jivaka Kumar Bhakchcha, better known in Thailand and beyond as Dr. Schiwago, is sacred to all therapists practicing Thai massage.

Dr. Dshivago is officially considered the founder of Thai traditional medicine. Mention of it is often found in the Tibetan and Burmese sacred annals relating to the collection of texts of the Buddhist canon. His figure enjoys extraordinary popularity in many countries of Southeast Asia, but only in Thailand, the love of Dr. Shywago is almost universal.

Do not, however, forget that there is a list of diagnoses in which Thai massage may be contraindicated. It is not recommended to use the services of physicians practicing the treatment or prophylaxis of diseases with the help of Thai massage sessions, if your doctor has hinted that he suspects you:

any chronic disease that reduces joint mobility (arthritis, osteochondrosis);
intestinal diseases (including gastric or duodenal ulcer), digestive disorders;
respiratory diseases (or respiratory failure associated with heart disease);
chronic kidney disease.

In addition, Thai massage is contraindicated in diseases of the cardiovascular system and severe osteoporosis, Thai massage should not be given to women during pregnancy, people with cancer, patients with varicose veins, as well as people suffering from eczema or psoriasis or having joint or spinal injuries .

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